...intuitive mind art, ...pointlessness, ...suprematism, ...out of circle of things,
...zero forms, ...each form is a world, ...increase of life, ...with sharp edge we divide time,
...I broke the blue shades of color restrictions, ...entered white, ...the face of my square,
...white free abyss, ...infinite flatness of a square as a contemporaneity perfection,
...the square is alive, ...royal baby, ...the fifth dimension is set, ...muscles of life,
...changes architecture of things on earth, ...nodes of wisdom,
...path of peace inside of me, ...I am a step.

Kazimir Malevich


One hundred and one years ago, in 1913 Kiev artist Kazimir Malevich for the first time portrayed his "Black square" in the scenery of futuristic opera "Victory over the Sun". So began the path of Suprematism - the most radical avant-garde direction, which completely changed coordinates of art and architecture. In 1924, his "Black square", "Black circle", "Black cross" and construction paintings of "planits" were brought to the XIV Venice Biennale. Style elements were extremely simple -
geometric planes in infinite space. He called it "...a unified system of world earth architecture". His "Black Square" module not only reformatted consciousness, but determined fashion, turning a great artwork into a global brand. But the true meaning of "Black Square" hasn't been solved. It remained within force field of art. Us, compatriots of Malevich, who was born and educated in Kiev, along with his admirers and successors, offer you to look at his work from a new perspective, certain of his thesis: "Think of a world and live in it". It was a powerful force of human creativity and ability to "give the world a great metaphor" - that were the main contributions of Malevich and Ukraine to the civilization of the twentieth century. Opening access to other dimensions, Malevich has offered his own rules of form-making and has gone beyond the traditional culture of urbanism. Now the
settlement area of humanity - is surrounding space, which is real, cosmic and virtual. Again, as a hundred years ago, the art creates new projects of architecture, where, as Malevich wrote, "each form increases life".

Galina Sklyarenko
Olilga Milentiy

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