“Shelter for God”

The manifesto of the Epoch of Changes.

Devoted to the Jubilee of Futurism.

Futurists - Romanticists and Prophets!
Successors of Revolutionaries and "Paper architects"
of French Revolution.
You diespised the past uncompromisingly, contemptiously,
and insisted on inevitability of technogenic century.
You provoked crowds and inspired ignoramuses.
You, Prophets of Totalitaritarism, Students
of Great Humanists and "Geneva dreamers",
You made projects of utopian sun - cities',
where the terrible instincts of the low classes were woken up.
You have predicted revolutions and wars, a militaristic race,
and at last Chernobyl, which became the final of futuristic experiments.
This massage has been written by all the collisions of the 20th century
and singed by us all.

These are not the howls of obscurantists.

The history like landscape is not homogeneous,-the folds on it's surface
repeat with persistent periodicity, creating the cyclic ornaments.

Not “to burn”, but to preserve and comprehend the past...
Memory – the most reliable refuge.
Dream of the past. Remember the future.

This is new twist of Futurism!

Valentin Raevsky

The Universal Container

If we looking our recent past we might find Shpeier and Marinetti at the ariergard of futurological motion. After the deth of their authors futurological ideas had been monstrously interpretated - experiments with turning the rivers, Hruschov’s communism alreddy expected by our parents and etc. Why not futurism?...There wasn’t time… But something had been started.

Huge constructions of the underwater overpass on the outskirts of Kiev, underground rocket complexes, naval military bases
and etc., are still the elements of our landscape.

Military futurology had left us a huge number of constructions,
which appliance to which hadn't been discovered yet.
Mad ideas of the 20th century that had come true not only formed the environment and space, but even today they imposing us with their inner programme of space.
The strong will and correction, final transformation of artifacts,
can provide us with a polygon for futuristic experiments.

Our project is devoted to the “rehabilitation” and transformation
of these militaristic giants.

The defensive object which was built at the end of the 1930s by the order of Stalin under the immediate supervision of Nikita Hruschov is a small fragment of a huge, underwater and underground overpass. It is situated on the Dnipro riverbank in the inhabited district of Kiev.

Fifty-meter elements of future underground tunnel were built on the ground and were deepened 30-40 meters under the surface by special caisson method. Nobody knows the exact number of these constructions under ground and water.

The object can be used as a capsule for our "Universal Container" of the Epoch
of Changes - the shelter for Intellectual values, scientific and culture heritage. It can become the original "Museum of Dreams". Could make a part of the museum – educational complex "Exploratorium" for children and teenagers.

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