"We are passing through each other touching with the whole worlds.
And there Universes light up on the brink of our hopes
On the borders of our Hopes
Non-Participation, but the desire to BE.
Majestic Peace, - but the Delight from touching the other''
Valentin Rayevskiy

"Cher-l" is the embodiment of futuristic experiments.
A milestone event, which brought to Europe an invisible, but
threatening ghost created by ''Early 20th century dreamers''.
Was reduced the pathos of the modernist myth about the strength
of technological progress and about conquering nature by man.
"Cher-l" is not only an event it is also a place, soil, territory, space.
This is the sign on the map of Ukraine, which started up new history,
her ''leaving the shade of the Soviet empire'' and at the same time –
unbelievable price, the pays alone for the liquidation of aftereffects
of utopian theories.
Moving along the 21st century, we creating the most perfect shell
covering the Object "Cher-l". We are trying to turn it into museum
of the techogenik age, as a reminder, as a convincing argument
against new "technogenic" breakthrough.
Against the new rocketing nightmare.
Not to conquer the nature, but to peer at its perfectness, think about
''borders of progress''. Understand how to protect yourself against cold
materiality of civilization.
The Earth is a Life Reserve and Sanctuary.
Life there is infinitely complicated, but this is the best each of us has.
And while the "genetic" revolution will not upset the world,
let's live a bit more (There)…
…In Paradise.

Olilga Milentiy, 2010

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