While assimilating cultures, civilization confounds the efforts of numerous generations. Their prosperity, or at least preservation, is possible only when assimilating processes are taking place on the level of arts. Coming into blissful contact they form the main, sacral, what culture is essentially for.

Like the temple attracts and conceals, Kiev allures and gives temporary shelter, making us its eternal pilgrims – guests. At the same time Kiev, and perhaps Ukraine, are in their way a two-sided screen, reflecting both East and West simultaneously. Exactly here a certain crystal comes into being, instantly reacting to all Universal fluctuations. It is evident from the apocalyptic events of the last century.

Born in Kiev, Ukrainian artist Kazimir Malevich, gave the world a great metaphor a hundred years ago, - “The Black Square”. It has reloaded modern art and architecture, and has forewarned the coming of technogenic era.

But curious humanity was carelessly drawn into the stomach of technogenic progress, and now risks coming out again in straight formations of cloned crowd. How can we protect ourselves from decay and cold materiality? Malevich verbalized this idea by saying: “leave the decomposing world, and create an immaterial, ideal new one to live in”.

It is now, when the territory of human existence expands into real, cosmic, and virtual spaces, those words become all the more clear, and directive to us.

Arctica - Antarctica
Urban - De-urban
Noah - Antinous

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