Territory, free from conflicts

Two oppositely charged objects, when they interact, create a certain neutral field, let’s call it “love zone”.

When passers-by, spectators come into this zone, they turn into its power base, become participants of game-performance. The name of the game is “Good and Evil”, and it takes after the life itself.

The objects on both sides of any transit zone stand in for propylene. They direct and regulate the stream of passers-by, the crowd.

Semi-transparent volumes of various colours constantly interact via rhythmically pulsing systems – light, colour, sound. Objects’ internal dynamics creates an atmosphere of mysterious ritual, a feast.

In Venice, which is the universal centre, this small ground is the model of a mechanism for common understanding and love.




In this world, there is no happiness
But there is peace and freedom
Alexander Pushkin

No one in Tangier is what they look like
William S. Burroughs


Two blades of one Pain/Two edges of one Pain/ Double-edged Pain
We live on the border between two worlds
Zombied by the masters, We change our histories, and we trade on stolen
values (treasures), sitting at the debris of others’ glory
This is our Present


We penetrate each other, allowing our worlds to touch; at intersections of our hopes, the Universes come out (emerge)
At the crossroads of our hopes
Love is the latent state between the states
Non-participation, - but desire to be
Poise, - but ecstasy of touching the Other
In the reserve of non-interference
We thirst for Love

In-between (Interzone)*

Infatuated crowd will pass through the Enchanted Zone and will attain Peace, if only for a moment, will blend into the Universal Whisper
This is Peace Zone
The epicentre of Kindness (Good) and Hope

The Calling
Free yourself
Come to the epicentre of “Interzone”.

Arctic – Antarctic
Noah – Antinous

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